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Compare Your Best Camping Tent vs Backpacking Tent

Posted: July 8th, 2016. | By: admin

With a comprehensive range of camping tents available out there, choosing one can appear to be a troublesome task. A low-priced tent may look as nice as an expensive tent; however which one is the best pick for you? Before selecting your tent, you have to ask yourself the following questions- how many are going to use the tent, who will use the tent, at what time of the year you will be camping, do you need a 3 or 4 season tent, if an ultra-light tent or a quite heavy family tent is best suitable. Selecting a tent does not have to be as arduous as it would sound unless you have not verified yourself with these questions that could help determining the best tent for your complete camping requirements. However, these questions will only have half the influence in choosing the best tent. You should go further in researching the options and factors to find the best tent guides
Camping tent versus backpacking tent
It is better to know which type, whether camping tent or backpacking tent is suitable for you before embarking on outdoor adventures. Camping tents are an ideal option for many people, especially those having young children who want to enjoy outdoors with complete comfort. The camping tents of this category tend to be 3 or 4 man tents, in which more space will be available for most fundamental camping component. These tents are also unique when you stay in a particular location for a while.
Backpacking tends to be quite hardcore with tents available in different lightweights. They are of this size as the backpacker is needed to carry the whole thing along till they arrive at their next camping destination. Smart packing of this category is crucial since all weight and space have to be used properly.
Levels of comfort
A coleman weathermaster 6-person screened tent, when compared to backpacking tent, is more comfortable since it is larger and enables the camper to enjoy camping in luxury. Tunnel tents are designed to withstand great wind speeds, thus making them a right option to choose as they are long enough with huge room space.camping tent
Sleep Capacity
The tent size is described regarding maximum amount of people who can able to sleep inside comfortably that is also called as a berth. For instance, a 1man tent contains berth for a single individual, or a three man tent contains the berth for 3. But, the berth figure doesn’t include luggage that should have to be considered. Hence, when there are two people sharing a tent each having two bags, the size of the tent that is crucial would be a 3 or 4 man tent. If you are about to set up camp at the same site for a while, it makes sense to opt a four man tent so that you have sufficient space to get the favor of.
Apart from these options, you must also show attention on seasonality, layers of fabric of the tent and weather resistant feature while choosing a tent.

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